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Letty Boo's Little
Lifestyle Shop

Being kinder, more natural

& more sustainable

Life LettyBoo Style...

Clean Living Products 

Cleaning with conscience - for a healthy home. Clean living formulations are way ahead of their time, harnessing the power of nature to give a far superior clean than traditional cleaning products. Free from any hazardous toxins and includes healthy bacteria which completely break down and remove dirt and grime for a deeper and longer-lasting clean.

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Pitt Balm - Natural Deodorant

Pitt Balm is one of the simplest yet most efficient natural deodorants on the market using the least number of ingredients they could. They source organic oils and food-grade powders to ensure the highest quality possible. 

No plastic, no Aluminium & no nasties! 

Simple ingredients: 

Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Bicarbonate of Soda, Arrowroot Powder & Essential Oils.

Little Lifestyle Swaps make a lovely difference & do a lot of good

Most of our products are kind, eco-friendly, sustainable, and made from natural, recycled, or re-purposed ingredients.

We are huge advocates of living more naturally and reducing the use of plastic wherever possible.

All our products are handpicked or handmade

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